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fiberglass antenna
fiberglass antenna
Hot Sale Ebyte FRP Outdoor Antenna 2.4/5.8ghz dual band for Long distance communication

[Type]:fiberfglass antenna



[Standing wave (SWR)]:≤1.5




[Introduction]:TXWF-BLG-40 is a 2.4/5.8ghz dual-band fiberglass antenna, the antenna length is about 400mm, N-J interface (N male head). The antenna shell is made of glass fiber material, containing multiple groups of antenna vibrators, which has the advantages of high gain and long communication distance. The antenna is waterproof, sunscreen, wind proof, strong sealing, can be widely used in the wild and other bad environment places.

Electrical Parameters Value
Center frequency 2.4/5.8GHz
Antenna gain 8/10dBi
Voltage standing wave ratio ≤1.5
Polarization direction Vertical polarization
Radiation direction Omnidirectional
Input resistance 50Ω
Power capacity 100W
Other Parameters Value
Product size 400mm
Weight 140g
Antenna Diameter Φ20mm
Material Fiberglass
Connector N-J
Operating temp. -40℃~+85℃
Storage temp. -40℃~+85℃