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FPC Antenna
FPC Antenna
TX4G-FPC-7021 4G/LTE frequency band FPC built-in antenna

[Type]:FPC built-in antenna

[Frequency band]: 4G/LTE

[Interface]:IPEX-Ⅰ generation interface


[Gain]: 5dBi

[Standing wave ratio]: ≤1.5


[Introduction]:TX4G-FPC-7021 is a 4G/LTE frequency band FPC built-in antenna with an antenna size of 70mm×21mm and an IPEX-I generation interface. It is suitable for various 4G/LTE frequency band terminal equipment (mobile phones, wireless network cards, routers), wireless Communication modules, etc., the antenna is small in size and reliable in performance. It is built into the module for installation and use, and the signal is stable.

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