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TX2400-FPC-2509 FPC antenna
TX2400-FPC-2509 FPC antenna
TX2400-FPC-2509 FPC antenna





[Standing wave (SWR)]:≤2.0

[Introduction]:Ebyte's Antenna has the industry’s broadest selection of antennas for a wide variety of applications. They work well for common applications that need good performance as well as a relatively small antenna.

Mechanical Specifications Value Comment
Part Number TX2400-FPC-2509 Omni Antenna
Material FPC -
Connector Type IPEX-1 -
Antenna Colour Black -
Overall Size 25*9mm -
Cable Length 100mm Cable Customizable
Weight 1g -
Electrical Specifications Value Comment
Frequency 2.4GHz 2.4~2.5GHz -
Antenna Gain 2dBi -
Radiation type Omnidirectional -
Polarization Linear Vertical
Nominal Impedance 50Ω -
Max Input Power 2W -
S.W.R. ≤2.0 -
Environmental Specifications Value Comment
Operation Temperature -30℃~+75℃ -
Storage Temperature -30℃~+75℃ -
RoHS Compliant YES -