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NS1 Serial to Ethernet Module


[Interface]:TTL(3.3V)、Ethernet port (RJ45)

[Size]:17 x 19 x 4mm(length x width x height)

[Weight]:1.6g ± 1g

[Introduction]:NS1 is a serial server that realizes serial data ⇌ Ethernet data conversion;It has a variety of Modbus gateway modes and MQTT/HTTP IoT gateway modes, which can meet the networking functions of various serial devices.

Item Instruction
Operating Voltage 3.0 ~ 5.5V(DC)
Current drain 15mA @ 5V
Interface TTL(3.3V)/Ethernet port (RJ45)
Work Mode TCP Server、TCP Client、UDP Server、UDP Client、HTTP Client、MQTT Client(default TCP Server)
Socket connection Support 6-way client connection (TCP server mode)
Network protocol IPv4、TCP/UDP、HTTP、MQTT
How to get IP DHCP、Static IP (default static IP)
DNS Support
DNS server Customizable (default
Configuration method Web pages, configuration tools, AT commands
IP address Customizable (default
Local port Customizable (default 8887)
Subnet mask Customizable (default
Gateway Customizable (default
Target IP Customizable (default
Destination port Customizable (default 8888)
Serial port cache 1024Byte
Packaging mechanism 512 Byte
Serial port baud rate 1200 ~ 230400 bps(default 115200)
Data bits 5、6、7、8(default 8)
Stop bit 1、2(default 1)
Check Digit None、Odd、Even、Mark、Space(default None)
Flow Control NONE、CTS/RTS、DSR/DTR、XON/XOFF(default None)
Product Size 17mm * 19mm * 4mm (length*width*height)
Product weight 1.6g ± 1g
Working temperature and humidity -40 ~ +85℃、5% ~ 95%RH(no condensation)
Storage temperature and humidity -40 ~ +105℃、5% ~ 95%RH(no condensation)