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NS1 serial data ⇌ Ethernet data conversion Serial to Ethernet Module


[Interface]:TTL(3.3V)、Ethernet port (RJ45)

[Size]:17 x 19 x 4mm(length x width x height)

[Weight]:1.6g ± 1g

[Introduction]:NS1 is a serial server that realizes serial data ⇌ Ethernet data conversion;It has a variety of Modbus gateway modes and MQTT/HTTP IoT gateway modes, which can meet the networking functions of various serial devices.

working voltageDC 3.0〜5V
Working currentStandby: 30mA @ 3.3V Peak: 300mA@3.3V Standby: 25mA @ 5V Peak: 250mA@5V
Serial port level3.3V TTL level, if 5V is required, external conversion circuit is required
Working modeTCP Sen-er (default), TCP Client UDP Server, UDP Client, HTTP Client MQTT Client
Socket connectionTCP server supports 6-way client connections
IP acquisition methodStatic IP (default), DHCP
DNS domain name resolutionsupport
Domain name resolution server114.114.114.114 (customizable)
collocation methodWeb page, parameter configuration tool. AT command
IP address192.168.3.7 (customizable)
user nameAdmin (customizable)
passwordAdmin (customizable)
Local Port8887 (customizable)
Subnet mask255.255.255.0 (customizable)
gateway192.168.3.1 (customizable)
Serial port cache1024 Byte
Packaging mechanism512 Byte
Serial baud rate1200〜23 0400 bps (115200 by default)
Data bits5. 6. 7. 8 (default)
Stop bit1 (default), 2
Check bitNone (default). Odd. Even. Mark. Space
Flow controlNONE (default), RTS/CTS, DSRDTR, XON/XOFF
Product sizeseventeen x nineteen x 4mm (L x W x H)
Product weight1.6g± 0.1g
Working temperature and humidity-40^+85。(2, 5%-95% RH (no condensation)
Storage temperature and humidity-40〜+105 ℃; 5%〜95% RH (no condensation)