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Ebyte NB124 industrial serial server Four-serial device server RS232/422/485 to Ethernet serial port Modbus gateway IoT module

[Interface signal]:RS485/RS422/RS232

[Product size]:173x95x26.5mm

[Domain name resolution]:support, the server address can be manually configured

[Installation method]:positioning hole installation

[Product weight]:360g±5g

[Introduction]:NB124 is an industrial-grade 2-way serial port server that supports DC power supply isolation. It integrates the TCP/IP protocol stack inside, which can realize two-way transparent transmission of data from the 2-way serial port to the Ethernet port. The device has the function of ModBus gateway, supports Modbus TCP to RTU, and supports automatic polling. The product adopts industrial-grade standard design to ensure the stability of the equipment in harsh working environments, and the rich indicator lights are used to feedback the different working states of the equipment.

RS485/232/422 full terminal interface    Isolated 2 serial ports server    ModBus Gateway

Non-isolated 2 serial ports server    Basic Function    Provide Four Communication Mechanisms Of TCP And UDP    Support ModBus TCP to RTU protocol automatic conversion    Multihost Gateway    Storage Gateway    Configurable Gateway    Adapt To loT Transmission Protocols    Multiple Configuration Methods    Registration Packet Heartbeat Packet    Reconnect After Disconnection Virtual Serial Port    Dual Power Interface    Industrial Standard    Built-in Watchdog