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Ebyte NA611-A high-performance and high reliablity 2.4G 5.8G Dual band WiFi serial server

[WiFi version]:802.11 a/b/g/n

[communication interface]:RS485

[Product size]:92*66*30mm

[Product weight]:95 g ± 5g

[Introduction]:NA611-A is a high-performance and reliable dual band WiFi serial server (RS485 ⇌ WiFi). Realize RS485 data, realize device networking and data interaction through WiFi, and support IEEE802 11 A / B / g / N standard.

Serial number Pin Pin direction remarks
1 Restore Restart setting button Press and hold 3S to restart the device
2 ANT RF interface SMA-K,Internal thread impedance, 50 Ω, external thread impedance
3 DC Power interface DC power input port, crimping port
4 RS485 RS485 Communication port Standard RS485 interface
5 PWR Power indicator Illuminates when the power is on
6 STATE Fault indicator Chang Liang: equipment failure
7 DATA Data transceiver indicator Normally off: no data transceiver,Green light: WiFi receives data,Red: serial port receives data
8 LINKA WIFI Connection indicator Always on: WiFi connection succeeded,Normally off: WiFi is not connected
9 LINKB Data link indicator Chang Liang: the device is successfully connected to the data processing server,Off: the device did not successfully connect to the data processing server