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ME31-XDXX0800-485 8-channel PT100 thermal resistance temperature acquisition module supports RS485 interface Modbus RTU standard protocol

[Communication interface]:RS485

[Working voltage]:DC 8~28V

[Installation method]: rail/screw

[Product size]:121*72*34mm

[Product weight]:140±5

[Introduction]:ME31-XDXX0800-485 is a PT100 thermal resistor temperature acquisition module with 8-channel PT100 temperature acquisition function, supports RS485 communication interface, supports Modbus RTU standard protocol for acquisition, and can communicate with PC, configuration, PLC and other networks.

High precision and stability
Parameter Comparison Table
16 core functions
High-precision acquisition
High protection isolation
Real-time temperature display

Key Configuration

RS485 Cascade Expansion

Support 4-way socket link

ModBus Gateway Features