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Ethernet ModBus protocol TCP/IP
Ethernet ModBus protocol TCP/IP

ME31-AXXX8000 Industrial grade 4~20mA to Ethernet ModBus protocol TCP/IP to RTU network RS485 acquisition control


[Communication interface]:RJ45, RS485

[Working voltage]:DC 8 ~ 28V

[Product size]:121*72*34mm

[Product weight]:135±5 g

[Introduction]:ME31-AXXX8000 is a network I/O networking module with 8-way dry contact input detection, supports Modbus TCP protocol or Modbus RTU protocol for acquisition control, and the device can also be used as a simple Modbus gateway (automatically send commands with non-local Modbus addresses through the serial port/network port).

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ME31-AAAX2240 Modbus protocol [2DI+2Al+4DO]
Ethernet+R5485 Dual control

16 Core Functions Worry-free protocol, easy adaptation

High-precision analog acquisition Real-time data display

Button Configuration with Virtual Serial Port Software

Digital Input Photoelectric Isolation

With Host Computer Software Configurable Input Range

DI Filter Anti-jitter Pulse Count

Input And Output Linkage Function Active Reporting Of Status

Support 4-way Socket Link DNS Domain Name Resolution

ModBus Gateway Function

Product Size Digital input