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Ebyte OEM/ODM K62-DL20 cheap 4000m RS485/LoRa Wireless Spread Spectrum Point-to-point 4-20mA analog transmission module

[Number of channels]:83

[Communication method]:RS485/LoRa wireless spread spectrum (SX1262)

[AI/AO input mode]:0/4~20mA

[Transmit power]:160mW (22dBm)

[Measured distance]:4000 meters

[Antenna interface]:SMA female thread female pin

[Product weight]:164±5g

[Introduction]:Features: This product is a product with two functions. Function: The sender collects 4-channel analog signals (0/4~20mA) and transmits the data to the receiver through wireless (LoRa spread spectrum), and the receiver restores the 4-channel analog signal (0/4~20mA).

ModemTransmission distanceAntenna optionsWorking voltageVCommunication InterfaceProduct weightgInstallation methodFeaturesManualSample
E851-RTU(4440-ETH) RS485/Ethernet Digital/Analog support support Master Mode/Slave Mode - 172*107*29
E821-DTU(2I2-400SL) - - - - - -
E820-DTU(2I2-433L)-V8 Analog quantity SX1278 433M 30 Screwing 105*79*25 2-channel,Modbus RTU
K62-DL20 current type Analog transmission module 83 SMA female thread inner needle 4 110*84.32*25.3mm The transmitter (collection) end supports 4 channels of 0/4~20mA analog input
E831-RTU(6060-4G) RS485 - - - - - - 172*107*29 12-channel network IO controller