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ESP32-C3-MINI-1U Low power consumption and small size WiFi wireless module





[Interface Type]:UART I/O

[Features]:Universal Wi-Fi module, small size

[Product weight]:1.5±0.1g

[Introduction]:ESP32-C3-MINI-1U is a general-purpose Wi-Fi module with a small size, rich peripheral interfaces, 4 MB embedded flash, and a RISC-V 32-bit single-core processor. It can be used in smart home, industrial automation, healthcare, consumer electronics and other fields.

Symbol Parameter Minimum Maximum Unit
VDD33 Power pin voltage –0.3 3.6 V
TSTORE Storage temperature –40 85 °C
Symbol Parameter Minimum Typical Maximum Unit
VDD33 Power Pin Voltage 3.0 3.3 3.6 V
IVDD Supply current of external power supply 0.5 A
T Recommended working temperature –40 85 °C
Humidity Humidity 85 %RH
Imax Peak current - - 400 mA
I Average current - - 100 mA
Working channel center frequency range 2412~2484MHz
Wi-Fi Protocol IEEE802.11b/g/n
Antenna type IPEX Interface
Distance(With router @Mercury MW305R) 300m
Distance(Between Modules) 300m