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ECAN-W01S DUAL-CHANNEL CAN TO WIFI PROTOCOL Conversion gateway AP/STA dual-mode two-way transparent transmission

[Power supply voltage]:8V~28VDC

[Network protocol]: IP, TCP/UDP, WiFi

[WiFi specification]: IEEE802.11a/b/g standard

[Network port specification]: standard RJ45

[Domain name resolution]:support

[IP acquisition method]:static IP, DHCP

[Product weight]:220g

[Introduction]:ECAN-W01S is a high-performance industrial WIFI and CAN bus data conversion equipment developed by EBYTE. It integrates two CAN bus interfaces, one EtherNet interface and one WiFi interface internally, which can easily complete the interworking of CAN bus network and WiFi network

High-performance protocol converter

   ECAN - W01 function CAN realize two way CAN - Bus

   Standard CAN2.0 protocol

   2.4G WIFI CHIP Support the four work modes

   Online modify baud rate

   Support both hardware and software filtering model

   Support the registration package, heartbeat packets

   Support the upper machine parameter configuration

   RISC - V32 a high-performance processor

   Industrial standard

   Wide voltage

   Application scenarios Charging pile Building control

   Charging pile Building control