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ECAN-U01 CAN2.0 debugger, CAN to USB converter, bus analyzer CAN-BUS, bidirectional 2-way transparent transmission with high protection, isolated communication transceiver, portable relay CAN debugging interface card

[Voltage]:8~28v DC

[Communication Interface]:USB

[CAN baud rate]:Factory default 100K


[Introduction]:ECAN-U01 is a high-performance CAN-bus communication analyzer with integrated 2 - way CAN interface . The analyzer is compatible with the USB2.0 bus full-speed specification, and the PC terminal can be quickly connected to the CAN-bus network through the USB interface to form data processing in the field of fieldbus laboratories, industrial control, intelligent communities, automotive electronic networks and other CAN-bus network fields. CAN-bus network control node for data acquisition .

CAN to USB Protocol Converter
ECAN-U01 CAN2.0 debugger, CAN to USB converter,