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CAN2.0 to optical fiber to converter optical transceiver, CAN-BUS to optical cat bidirectional transparent transmission high protection port, isolated communication extension transceiver, fire host relay alarm Industrial grade DIN

[Supply voltage]:8V~28VDC

[Interface specification]:CAN-3.81mm phoenix terminal block/optical fiber-SC interface, single-mode single-fiber

[Transparent transmission]:support

[Introduction]:The ECAN-F01 is a single high-performance CAN-to-fiber optic communication device. The low transmission loss of optical fiber greatly increases the transmission distance and stability. The ECAN-F01 can be used in CAN networks with baud rates up to 500Kbps.ECAN-F01 complies with CAN Specification 2.0A (11-bit CAN Identifier) and 2.0B (29-bit CAN Identifier).

ECAN-F01 CAN Fiber Optic Repeater