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ECAN-401 Ebyte OEM/ODM ECAN-401 High protection CAN to RS485/232/422 converter, gateway serial communication module

[Frequency]: 8~28V

[Protocol conversion]:support

[Transparent transmission]:support

[Transparent conversion with logo]:support

[CAN baud rate]:6kbps-1Mbps

[Features]:Intelligent protocol converter

[Product weight]:189g

[Introduction]:ECAN-401 is a small intelligent protocol conversion product independently developed by Chengdu Ebyte Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. The product uses 8V~28V wide voltage power supply, integrates 1 CAN-BUS interface, 1 RS485 interface, 1 RS232 interface and 1 RS422 interface, which can realize two-way conversion between CAN and RS485/RS232/RS422 different protocol data.

No Name PIN usage
1 RS232 DB9 communication terminal
2 PWR PowerIndicator
3 CAN_ERR Errorlight
4 CAN_DATA Datalight
5 RX Serialport receiving indicator
6 TX Serialport sending indicator
7 V+ Powersupply, default 8-28V (standard 5V version can be customized), 12V/24V isrecommended
8 V- Powerground
9 GND RS485/RS422 common terminal, connect to the GND of other equipment RS485/RS422 equipment
10 T+(A) RS422 bus data T+/RS485 bus data A
11 T-(B) RS422 bus data T-/RS485 bus data B
12 R+ RS422 bus data R+
13 R- RS422 bus data R-
14 CAN_G CAN ground
15 CAN_L CAN communicationinterface
16 CAN_H CAN communicationinterface