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EA01-SG Single Die integrated CMOS PA mass-produced NB-IoT system single chip

[Transmission type]:NB-IoT

[Frequency]:B3 B5 B8

[Tx Power]:20dBm±2dB



[Introduction]:EA01-SG is currently the world's first Single Die integrated CMOs PA mass-produced NB-IoT system single chip, which directly integrates the commercially available PA on the single Die. It is currently the world's most integrated NB-IoT chip.

Pin Number Pin Name I/O Description DC characteristic Explain
4 LINK-B DO Socket1 Connection Status Indication - Active low
5 VDD_EXT PO 3V output power supply Vnom=3V 80mA max loading
10 DATA DO Socket data receiving and sending indication - Active low
11 LINK-A DO Socket0 Connection Status Indication - Active low
15 GNSS_ANT AI GPS antenna interface - 50 Ω characteristic impedance
16 SIM_GND GND USIM card exclusive land - -
17 1PPS DO Second pulse output, user can set
frequency, duration and so on by command - -
18 SIM_VDD DO USIM card power supply 1.8/3V adaptive 10mA max loading
19 SIM_CLK DO USIM card clock signal - -
20 SIM_RST DO USIM card reset signal - -
21 SIM_DATA IO USIM card data signal - Add 20K pull-up resistor to data links
22 TXD_GNSS DO GPS serial TXD - 2.8V level compatible with 3.3V,Default 9600 bps
23 RXD_GNSS DI GPS serial port RXD - 2.8V level compatible with 3.3V,Default 9600 bps
29 TXD_DBG DO Module debugging serial port TXD,reserved - Reserved, Suspended is recommended
30 RXD_DBG DI Module debugging serial port RXD,reserved - Reserved, Suspended is recommended
33 RXD DI Module data and at serial port RXD - 3V voltage domain
34 TXD DO Module Data and at Serial TXD - 3V voltage domain
41 RF_ANT AI/AO RF antenna interface - 50 Ω characteristic impedance
47 NETLIGHT DO Network Status Indication - Residence flash indication
52 VBKP PI RTCAuxiliary Power Input for GPS - 3.0V-4.2V
53 RST/WKUP DI Reset/wake-up indicator, active high VIL=0V
VIHmax=3.6v When the pulse width of the high level signal is greater than 100us and less than 5S, it is regarded as a wake-up signal,When the high level signal width is more than 6 seconds, it is regarded as a reset signal.(Internal pull-down resistor)
54 IO_RST GND Restore Factory Parameter - Active low
50,51 VBAT PI Module main power supply Vmax=4.2V
Vnom=3.6V Supply at least 0.6a current
,45,48,49 GND GND Power Ground - -
,38,39 RESERVED - Reservation - Stay in the air
46 NC - Empty Foot - -