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E95M-DTU (400SL30-485) LoRa spread spectrum, AT command, serial port online upgrade, 433MHz global free frequency band, small size rail-mounted radio, transmit power 20~30dBm

[Interface type]:RS485/RS232/TTL

[Carrier frequency]:410.125~493.125MHz

[Transmit power]:30dBm

[Communication distance]:10km

[Product size]:80*28*28.5m

[Product weight]:31.3±2g

[Introduction]:E95M-DTU (400SL30-xxx) is a wireless data transmission radio using military-grade LoRa modulation technology. It has a variety of transmission methods and works in the (410.125MHz~493.125MHz) frequency band (default 433.125MHz). The radio provides transparent RS485/RS232/ TTL interface, adopts plastic shell, rail-mounted structure, supports 8~28V (DC) wide voltage input. LoRa spread spectrum technology will bring longer communication distance and has the advantage of strong anti-interference ability.

Rail Installation Mini DTU

14 Core Functions

New Generation LoRa Spread Spectrum Technology

Serial Port Firmware Upgrade

Convenient And Fast AT Command Configuration

Ultra Small Size

Long Distance Communication

Hidden Button

Transmit Power Multi-level Adjustable

Efficient Power Supply Design

Air Speed

ModBus Protocol Transmission

RSSI Signal Strength

LBT Function

Data Encryption

Guide Rail Installation Structure

Application Scenario