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E95-DTU(433L30-485)-V8 Low Cost LoRa Module RS485 Long Range Wireless Transmitter And Receiver 30dBm LoRa Modem Support Modbus







[Introduction]:E95-DTU(433L30-485) is a wireless data transmission DTU that uses military-grade LoRa modulation technology. It has a variety of transmission methods. It works at (410/441M) frequency band (default 433MHz). The DTU provides a transparent RS485 interface, plastic shell. rail type installation structure, support 8~28V voltage input.

Din-rail Installation 433M Wireless Data Transeiver Unit

Selection Guide

LoRa spread spectrum supports wireless broadcast applications

Free Use Of ISM Bands

Rail installation.jpg  Multiple Hardware Protection

Easily Switch Between Work And figuration Modes

Industrial Standard Application Scenarios