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E95-DTU(433L20-232) Wireless Transmitter Receiver 20dBm DIN Rail Installation Industrial Modbus 3km Long Range LoRa Modem RS232







[Introduction]:E95-DTU (433L20-232) is a wireless data transmission DTU that uses military-grade LoRa modulation technology. It has a variety of transmission methods. It works at (410/441M) frequency band (default 433MHz). The DTU provides a transparent RS232 interface, plastic shell. rail type installation structure, support 8~28V voltage input

Mode Working Frequency Hz Transmit Power dbm Distanc km Specifications Recommended Application Scenarios
E95-DTU(433L20-232) 410/441M 20 3 Lora spread spectrum anti-interfernce Suitable for small data volume and long-distance application environment
No. Term Specification Description
1 Size 92*67*30 mm Review installation dimensions for details
2 Weight 95g Weight tolerance 5g
3 Working Temperature -40℃~+85℃ Meet the needs of industrial use
4 Antenna impedance 50Ω Standard 50Ω characteristic impedance
5 Voltage Range 8~28V DC Recommend to use 12V or 24V
6 Interface RS232 3.81 terminal block
7 Baud Rate Default 9600 Baud rate range 1200~115200
8 Address Code Default 0 A total of 65536 address codes can be set
Model Default Frequency Hz Frequency Range Hz Channel Spacing Hz Number of Channels
E95-DTU(433L20-232) 433M 410~441M 1M 32,Half Duplex
Model Transmitting Current mA
Waiting Current mA
E95-DTU(433L20-232) 230 135 20 12