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E90-DTU(900SL22)E new generation LoRa wireless 915M module RS485 automatically polls the long-distance sending and receiving Modbus communication gateway.

[Interface type]:Ethernet

[Working frequency]:900M

[Transmit power]:22dBm

[Communication distance]: 5km

[Product size]:84*82*25mm

[Product weight]: 130±5g

[Introduction]:E90-DTU(900SL22)E is a wireless gateway (Ethernet interface data transmission radio) that supports 10M/100M rate and is developed by Chengdu Ebyte based on LoRa communication technology and Ethernet protocol. Supports 2-way Socket and provides six working modes: TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, UDP Client, HTTP Client, and MQTT Client. It also supports six-way client connections in TCP server mode.

A new generation of LoRa wireless data transmission gateway

LoRa spread spectrum technology

Supporting LoRa node Fully functional gateway configuration

Storage gateway

Configuration gateway

Standard MQTT protocol Multi-host mode

Modbus protocol automatic conversion

Explosion-proof certification Automatic relay

Built-in watchdog, LBT environmental monitoring

RSSI signal detection Rail installation