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E90-DTU(400SL47) LoRa module remote communication SX1268 radio frequency chip 485/232 wireless data transmission radio relay network

[Interface type]:RS232/RS485

[Working frequency]:433.125M

[Communication distance]:70km

[Product size]:160*137*44mm

[Product weight]:846.2g±5g

[Introduction]:E90-DTU (400SL47) is a truly high-quality industrial-grade wireless data transmission radio (the radio won the national design patent ZL202030009845.3). The radio uses LORA spread spectrum technology, and its strong anti-interference ability allows wireless communications to be used in industrial sites. More stable and reliable. It has a variety of transmission methods and works in the (410.125~460.125M) frequency band. The radio station provides a transparent RS232/RS485 interface. The radio has a data encryption function. The data transmitted by the radio in the air is random. Through strict encryption and decryption algorithms, data interception is meaningless. It supports packet length setting and supports different real-time properties and data packets.

EBYTE High power wireless data transmission modemUsing high power to break through distance and obstaclesIndustrial grade all aluminum alloy housingWorking temperature monitoring and alarm systemDesigned according to industrial standardsMulti-level relay networking function Communication key functionApplication scenario