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25W high power wireless digital radio station 40km long distance lora modem 433mhz rf transceiver rs232 rs485







[Introduction]:E90-DTU (400SL44) is a true high-quality industrial wireless data transceiver. The transceiver uses LORA spread spectrum technology. Its strong anti-interference ability makes wireless communication more stable and reliable in industrial sites, transparent RS232 / RS485 interface.

No. Name Function Description
1 PE Connect to ground Connect to ground
2 GND Crimped power input negative Power reference ground
3 VCC Crimped power input positive power input(12V/10A)
4 MOD Mode control Floating, general mode; ground,configuration mode
5 RS485 G RS485 interface G RS485 interface G is connected tothe device GND interface(recommended)
6 RS485 B RS485 interface B RS485 interface B is connected todevice B interface
7 RS485 A RS485 interface A RS485 interface A is connected todevice A interface
8 RS232 RS232 interface Standard RS232 interface
9 ANT SMA-K interface External thread inner hole, 10mm,characteristic impedance 50Oohm
10 PWR Power indicator Red, lit when the power is on
11 TXD Serial data sending indicator Yellow, blinks when sending data
12 RXD Serial data receiving indicator Yellow, blinks when receivingdata
13 ERR Warning indicator Red, the temperature exceeds100 ℃ or the antenna is notconnected or the antenna is not ingood connection. After resolving,you need to power on againbefore working