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E90-DTU(400SL30P) Lora wirelss modem






[Weight]:237.8g±4.5 g

[Introduction]:E90-DTU (400SL30P) is a true high-quality industrial-grade wireless digital radio. The power supply supports electrostatic discharge anti-interference level 4 protection,fast transient anti-interference level 4 protection,surge impact anti-interference Level 3 Protection.

Pin NO. Definition Function Description
1 RS-232 RS-232 interface Standard RS-232 interface
2 RS485 A RS485 interface A The RS-485 interfaceA is connected to the device interfaceA
3 RS485 B RS485 interface B The RS-485 interface B is connected to the device interface B
4 DC-IN - Crimping power input negative Power reference ground
5 DC-IN + Crimping power input positive Power input
6 DC-IN stand DC socket 5.5*2.1mm Power input
7 PWR-LED Power Indicator Red, lit when the power is on
8 TX/RX-LED Data sending and receiving indicator Green, blinking when sending data.Blue, blinking when receiving data
9 MODE-LED Status Indicator Cyan light on: transparent transmission mode Blue light on: WOR send mode;Green light on: Wor receive mode
10 Ground screw Connect with the earth Connect with the earth
11 Antenna interface SMA-K interface external thread, 10mm, 50Ωcharacteristic impedance