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Ebyte 485 to LoRa wireless transmission remote configuration serial communication gateway solenoid valve Modbus polling

[Carrier frequency]:433.125MHz

[Interface type]:RS485/TTL

[Transmission power]:30dBm

[Communication distance]:10km



[Introduction]:E90-DTU (400SL30L) is a wireless data transmission radio using military-grade LoRa modulation technology. It has a variety of transmission methods and works in the (410.125~493.125MHz) frequency band (default 433.125MHz). The radio provides RS485 and TTL two kinds of serial communication Port, support 8~28V DC power supply or 4.2V lithium battery power input, support reverse constant current charging.

Low Power Consumption Wireless Digital Transmission Radio

Sensor Power Can Be Controlled

Temperature sensor

ModBus Remote Slave Configuration