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E90-DTU(400SL22-ETH) Ebyte Ethernet LoRa Gateway 433mhz lora node module transmitter sx1276 sx1278 upgrade sx1262 sx1268 lora







[Introduction]:Supports adaptive network speed and provides four working modes, TCP Server, TPC Client, UDP Server, and UDP Client. It also supports two-way SOCKET work. The wireless communication adopts LoRa direct sequence spread spectrum technology, which will bring longer communication distance.

No. Name Specification
1 DC_IN Power supply,default 8-28V(5V can be customized),recommend 12V/24V
2 ETHERNET RJ45 , to connect to PC or other device
3 PWR Power indicator
4 LINK Connection indicator
5 DATA Serial port TX and RX indicator
6 Reload Restore to factory setting