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E90-DTU(400SL22-ETH) Ebyte Ethernet LoRa Gateway 433mhz lora node module transmitter sx1276 sx1278 upgrade sx1262 sx1268 lora







[Introduction]:Supports adaptive network speed and provides four working modes, TCP Server, TPC Client, UDP Server, and UDP Client. It also supports two-way SOCKET work. The wireless communication adopts LoRa direct sequence spread spectrum technology, which will bring longer communication distance.

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1 Power supplya 8V~28VDC,will burn over 28V,12V or 24V is recommended
2 Ethernet specification RJ45,support 10/100Mbps
3 Network protocol
5 Simple transparent transmission TCP Server、TCP Client、UDP Server、UDP Client、Cloud transparent transmission
6 TCP Server connection Max of 6 channel TCP connection
7 IP acquisition method Static IP、 DHCP
8 DNS Available
9 Configured by user Web page configuration
10 Antenna interface SMA
11 Operating temperature -40 ~ +85℃
12 Operating humility 10% ~ 90%,Relative humidity, no condensation
13 Size 82*84*25 (mm)
14 Average weight 130±5g
15 Storage temperature -40~+125℃
16 Frequency(MHz) 410.125~493.125,ISM band
17 TX current(mA) 109.7mA@12V,Instant power consumption
18 RX current(mA) 70.1mA@12V
19 Max tx power(dBm) 22.0dBm
20 Receiving sensitivity(dBm) -148,Air data rate 0.3 kbps
21 Air data rate(bps) 0.3k~62.5k,Configured by user
22 Distance 5000m,In open and clear air,antenna gain 5dBi,at height of 2.5 m,air data rate 2.4 kbps
23 Transmission length 240 Btye,Can be set as 32/64/128/240 bytes each packet
Receiving length 1000 Btye
Modulation method New generation LoRa