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E90-DTU(2G4HD12) DTU RS485 RS232 Full duplex high speed wireless transceiver FEC 2.4G wireless modem iot







[Introduction]:E90-DTU (2G4HD12) is a high-quality industrial-grade wireless data transmission radio station. Its high-level port protection capability can be used in industrial situations with complex electromagnetic environments. Compared with ordinary digital transmission radio.

Model Freq. Hz TX Power dbm Test range m Feature Application feature
E90-DTU(2G4HD12) 2.4G 12 800 Point-to-point frequencyhopping, bidirectionalcontinuous transmission Suitable for applicationswith long communicationdistance and radiointerference
No Name Value Description
1 Product Size 82*62*25 mm See installation dimensions for details
2 product weight 130g Weight tolerance 4.5g
3 Operatingtemperature -40℃~+85℃ Meet the needs of industrial use
4 Antennaimpedance 50Ω Standard 50Ω characteristic impedance
5 voltage range 8~28V DC Recommend to use 12V or 24V
6 CommunicationInterface RS232/RS485 Standard DB9 hole/3.81 terminal block
7 Baud rate Default 115200 Baud rate range 1200~3M
Mode|Main Freq. Hz Range Hz Channel Width Hz Channels
E90-DTU(2G4HD12) 2.4G 2.4~2.48G 1M 80(full duplex)
Mode Ave. Tx Current mA
Ave. Standby Current mA
E90-DTU(2G4HD12) 35 18 35 18