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E90-DTU(230SL42) LoRa module remote communication SX1262 radio frequency chip 485/232 wireless data transmission radio relay network

[Working frequency]:225~236MHz

[Transmit power]:42dBm

[Communication distance]: 30km

[Product size]:124*109*35.2mm

[Product weight]:425±5g

[Introduction]:E90-DTU (230SL42) is a truly high-quality industrial-grade wireless data transmission radio (the radio won the national design patent ZL202030009845.3). It adopts LORA spread spectrum technology and its strong anti-interference ability makes wireless communication more convenient in industrial sites. Stable and reliable. The radio has a variety of transmission methods and provides transparent RS232/RS485 interfaces. LoRa direct sequence spread spectrum technology will bring longer communication distance and has the advantage of strong anti-interference ability. It has data encryption function and FEC forward error correction algorithm, which greatly improves security, reliability and transmission distance.

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