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Ebyte E870-E0 Dual Port Rs485 To Tcp/ip Gateway Modbus RTU Serial To Ethernet Converter Serial Service Server

[Transmission method]:Ethernet

[Working voltage]: DC 8 ~ 28V

[Communication interface]:RS485

[Product size]:80*85*25mm

[Installation method]: positioning hole

[Product weight]:135±5g

[Introduction]:E870-E0 edge computing acquisition gateway is an Ethernet device developed based on the communication protocol "Ebyte Cloud Device Communication Protocol" developed by our company. It can send instructions to the device through the server to realize the communication between the device and the server, and supports TCP client protocol and MQTT Access, support heartbeat package, registration package settings; at the same time, the product supports multiple configuration methods, supports web platform; also supports edge collection function, a total of 50 edge collection data points; adopts industrial-grade design standards to ensure high reliability of equipment sex.

Industrial grade cloud edge acquisition gateway

Twelve core functions

Direct connection to customer-built servers

Edge Acquisition / Edge Computing

Support configuration and cloud platform access

Fast configuration for data transmissions

Compatible with EBYTE Cloud and Ali Cloud Son communication protocol

Active upload mode

Transparent multi-protocol transmission

Multiple configuration options

Heartbeat package, registration package

Disconnect and reconnect

Power connector

Industrial Grade Standards

parameter table