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E851-RTU(4440-ETH) 12-channel network IO controller supports 4-channel digital input

[Acquisition type:]: digital/analog

[Interface type:]: RS485/Ethernet

[Number of acquisition channels:]: 12 channels

[Network Type:]: Ethernet

[Product weight]:457.5±5g

[Introduction]:E851-RTU(4440-ETH) is a network IO product that supports 4-channel digital input (default dry contact), 4-channel differential analog input, and 4-channel relay output. Support Modbus TCP/RTU protocol . The product has a high degree of ease of use, and users can easily and quickly integrate into their own systems to achieve Ethernet-based remote control.

12-channel network 10 controllerBasic Function
Analog, digital and relay integrated machine
Functional Features
Support Socket connection to remote server
Data processing with Modbus TCP / RTU protocol
Application scenarios

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