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E840-DTU(NB-02) Wireless transceiver Serial to NB-IoT wireless Remote Monitoring Terminal RS232 RS485 RTU

[Antenna Interface]: SMA-K



[Weight]: 133±5g

[Introduction]:E840-DTU(NB-02) can realize the communication between serial port device and network server via NB network. With simple AT command, users can easily use this product to achieve bidirectional transparent data transmission from the serial port to the network. The transparent transmission is between UART devices(referring to PC) and net sever (replaced by TCP testing tools).

Pin No. Pin Item Pin Application
1 GND Ground electrode
2 VCC Power supply,default: 8~28V
3 RS232 RS232 interface
4 485_A Side A of external interface for other RS485 devices
5 485_B Side B of external interface for other RS485 devices
6 ANT Antenna interface(SMA-K,50Ω)
7 PWR Power indicator
8 WORK UART communication indicator
9 NEL Net working indicator
10 NC N/A
11 RST Reset dial switch(down,reset)
12 DC8_28V Power adapter interface
13 SIM SIM card slot