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E840-DTU(GPRS-01) Wireless IoT Solutions RS232 serial GSM/GPRS/EDGE DTU TCP/IP GSM Modem

[Transmission Type]:GPRS


[Size]: 84*82*25mm



[Introduction]: Designed for the communication between UART and net server via GPRS, it is with easy AT setting and dual transparent transmission available.It explains how to make the simplest hardware environment and test the transparent transmission. The transparent transmission is between UART devices(referring to PC) and net sever (replaced by TCP testing tools).

Pin No. Pin Item Pin Application
1 GND Ground electrode
2 VCC Power supply 8V-28V DC
3 RS232 RS232 communication interface
4 485_A Side A of eternal interface for other RS485 devices
5 485_B Side B of eternal interface for other RS485 devices
7 PWR Power indicator
8 WORK UART communication indicator(different color for transmitting and receiving)
9 NEL Net working indicator
10 RST Reset switch(powered off when pulled down)
11 BAUD UART baud rate reset switch(Reset after pulled down)
12 DC8_28V Power adaptor interface
13 SIM SIM card slot