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E810-TTL-CAN01 Ebyte uart ttl and can-bus two-way conversion module ttl to can bus interface converier module support for Modbus RTU


[Product weight]:2.25g

[Feature]:UART TTL to CAN-BUS

[Introduction]:E810-TTL-CAN01 is a cost-effective CAN-BUS product with powerful data analysis capabilities. The intelligent protocol conversion module is compact and easy to install. It is a reliable assistant for engineering applications, project debugging and product development.

Pin Definition
No. Item Direction Application
1 CANH CAN high CAN high
2 CANL CAN low CAN low
3 GND Ground Ground
4 TXD UART transmit Module transmits UART data
5 RXD UART receive Module receives UART data
6~12 NC - -
13 GND Ground Ground
14 VCC Power input Power input,5V or 3.3V is recommended
15 GND Ground Ground
16 RESET Reset pin The module with low level input enters the hardware reset state, and the module with high level input returns to the normal working state. This function is used for reset operation in an emergency.
17 CFG Hardware parameter setting pin For parameter setting,it should be connected with GND in short circuit.
18 Restore Restore default For restoring, it should be connected with GND in short circuit for 5S. Only valid when reset or power on again.
19~20 NC - -
21 STE State indicator When there is data transfer, the STE pin is low level
22~25 NC - -
26 RTS Hardware control flow pin Hardware control flow pin RTS
27 CTS Hardware control flow pin Hardware control flow pin CTS
28 GND Ground Ground