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E810-R14 RS-485 to 4-way RS-485 Hub Industrial EMC Level 3 Transparent data transmission RS485 communication system

[Data interface]:RS485

[Working voltage]:DC 9~40V

[Protection level]:Industrial EMC level 3

[Product size]:120*72*34mm

[Product weight]:120±5g

[Introduction]:E810-R14 is an isolated repeater (HUB) for 1-way RS-485 to 4-way RS-485 launched by Ebyte. RS485 hub is a communication device that supports 1-way RS-485 master device and 1-way or multiple-way RS-485 slave devices. Photoelectric isolation technology is used to protect the master and slave devices from interference. No configuration is required, and transparent data transmission between the master and slave interfaces. This product is suitable for comprehensive RS485 communication systems such as automation control systems, monitoring systems, alarms, access control systems, IC card charging, meter reading, one-card pass, parking lot charging, etc.

Industrial Grade RS485 Repeater

   5 reasons to choose a repeater

   Parameter Comparison Table

   DC 9~40V Wide Voltage Supply

   Power + Signal Double isolation

   ESD protection

   Guide rail and positioning hole installation

   High-speed bidirectional transmission

   Product Size

   Application Scenarios