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E810-DTU-V2.0 Industrial Serial Server


[transmission]:RS485 RS232

[Introduction]:E810-DTU is a RS485/RS232 to Ethernet single serial port server. Realize data transparent transmission between RJ45 network port and RS485/RS232. The module is equipped with a M0+ series of 32-bit processors, fast and efficient. It has an adaptive network speed (up to 100M full duplex), and has four communication mechanisms, TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, and UDP Client

No. Specification Description
1 Size 82×84×24mm
2 Weight 74.2g
3 PCB process 2 layer,SMT, lead-free
4 Connector RS485/RS232, RJ45
5 Supply voltage 8~28V DC,Note:Higher than 28V will cause permanent damage
6 UART standard 1200~256000 bps
7 Ethernet specification RJ45,10/100Mbps
8 Network protocol IP、 TCP/UDP、 ARP、 ICMP、 IPV4
9 IPAcquisition Static IP、 DHCP
10 DNS Available
11 User configuration PC software ,AT command configuration
12 Simple transparenttransmission TCP Server 、TCP Client 、 UDP Server 、 UDP Client
13 TCP Server connection Max. 6 channel of TCP connections
14 Software RF Setting
15 Package mode 200 bytes per package
16 Operating current 77.0314mA@12V(RS485) ,74.5635mA@12V(RS232)
17 Operating temperature -40 ~ +85℃
18 Operating humidity 10% ~ 90%,relative humidity, no condensation
19 Storage temperature -40 ~ +125℃