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E810-DTU(RS485)-V2.0 RS485 to Ethernet single serial port server





[Feature]:232/485 to Ethernet

[Introduction]:E810-DTU(RS485)-V2.0 is a RS485 to Ethernet single serial port server. Realize data transparent transmission between RJ45 network port and RS485/RS232.The module is equipped with a M0+ series of 32-bit processors, fast and efficient.It has an adaptive network speed (up to 100M full duplex), and has four communication mechanisms, TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, and UDP Client.The E810-DTU(RS485)-V2.0 is easy to operate.

1 Size66 * 66 *21.6mm
3PCB process2 layer,SMT, lead-free
5 Supply voltage8~28V DC,Note:Higher than 28V will cause permanent damage
6UART standard300~256000 bps
7 Serial communication level3.3V,If connected to 5V, level conversion is required
8 Ethernet specificationRJ45,10/100Mbps
9 Network protocolIP、 TCP/UDP、 ARP、 ICMP、 IPV4
10IP AcquisitionStatic IP、 DHCP
12User configurationPC software ,AT command configuration、Web page configuration
13Simple transparent transmissionTCP Server 、TCP Client 、 UDP Server 、 UDP Client
14TCP Server connectionMax. 6 channel of TCP connections
15 SoftwareRF Setting
16Package mode200 bytes per package
17Operating current77.0314mA@12V(RS485) ,74.5635mA@12V(RS232)
18Operating temperature-40 ~ +85℃
19Operating humidity10% ~ 90%,relative humidity, no condensation
20Storage temperature-40 ~ +125℃