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E810-DTU(4RS1E) four serial port server of RS422 & RS485 & RS232 to Ethernet

[Network protocols]:IP, TCP/UDP, ARP, IPV4

[Working voltage]:DC 8~28V

[Product size]:172*107*29mm


[Transmission]:RS485 RS232 RS422


[Introduction]:E810 (4RS1E) is a four serial port server of RS422 & RS485 & RS232 to Ethernet, which realizes transparent data transmission between RJ45 network port and RS422, RS485, RS232. The device is equipped with M3 series 32-bit processor, which runs fast and has high efficiency, with adaptive network rate. TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, UDP Client four communication mechanisms.

Specification and characteristicDescription
1Supply voltage
8 ~ 28V DC, note: higher than 28V will cause permanent damage to the device, 12V or 24V power supply is recommended
2Working current
180.7mA@12V(RS232) ,176.8mA@12V(RS485) ,173.8mA@12V(RS422)
3Operating mode
Asynchronous half-duplex or asynchronous full-duplex
4Interface mode

RS232:Network port type connector,The line sequence is introduced as follows

RS485/RS422:1*5*3.81,Crimping method

RJ45:Network port

5Transmission medium
Network cable / twisted pair or shielded wire
6Serial port standard


RS485/RS422:1200~460800 bps

7Network port specificationRJ45,10/100Mbps
8Network protocol IP、 TCP/UDP、 ARP、 ICMP、 IPV4
9IP access method
Static IP、 DHCP
10DNS Support
11User configuration
Web page configuration
12Simple transparent transmission method
TCP Server 、TCP Client 、 UDP Server 、 UDP Client
13TCP Server connectionSupports up to 4 TCP connections
14Operating temperature
-40 ~ +85℃,Industrial grade
15Operating humidity
10% ~ 90%,Relative humidity, non-condensing
16Storage temperature-40 ~ +125℃,Industrial grade
17Average weight