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E810-DTU(1RS1E) Ethernet to RS232/RS485/RS422,single serial port server,support TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, UDP Client four communication mechanisms.

[Interface]:Ethernet to RS232/RS485/RS422

[Feature]:Transparent transmission


[Product weight]:130±5g

[Introduction]:E810-DTU (1RS1E) is a single serial port server that transfers RS232 & RS485 & RS422 to ethernet. It realizes data transparent transmission between RJ45 and RS232 or RS485 or RS422. Equipped with M3 series 32-bit processor, it runs fast and has high efficiency. With adaptive network rate (up to 100M full duplex), TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, UDP Client four communication mechanisms.

1Supply voltage
8V~36V,8V ~ 36V, more than 36V may burn, 12V or 24V power supply is recommended
2Working current
74.66mA@12V(RS232) ,73.47mA@12V(RS485) ,73.64mA@12V(RS422)
3Operation mode
Asynchronous half-duplex or asynchronous full-duplex
4Interface mode

RS232:DB9Pass Connector

RS485/RS422:1*4*3.81,screwing way

RJ45:Mesh port
5Serial port standard


RS485/RS422:1200~256000 bps

RJ45: 300bps~3Mbps
6Transmission medium
Wire/twisted pair or shielding wire
7Mesh sizeRJ45,10/100Mbps
8Network protocolIP、 TCP/UDP、 ARP、 ICMP、 IPV4
9IP Acquisition Method
Static IP、 DHCP
11User configuration
WebWeb page configuration
12Simple transparent transmission
TCP Server 、TCP Client 、 UDP Server 、 UDP Client
13TCP Server connectionSupporting up to 6 TCP connections
14Packaging mechanism
0~14600-1460 byte packing length
15Operating temperature
-40 ~ +85
16Working humidity
10% ~ 90%,relative humidity, no condensation
17Storage temperature
-40 ~ +125℃
18Average weight