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E78-470LN22S(6601) LoRaWAN Module CN470~510MHZLow power mode UART AT command configuration

[Chip solution]:ASR6601

[Working frequency]: CN470~510MHZ

[Transmit power]:22dBm

[Communication distance]: 5.6km

[Product size]:14*20mm

[Product weight]:1.6g±1g

[Introduction]:E78-470LN22S (6601) is a standard LoraWan node module designed and produced by Ebyte. It works in the frequency band CN470~510MHZ. It supports CLASS-A/CLASS-C node types and supports two network access methods: ABP/OTAA. At the same time, this module has It has multiple low-power consumption modes, and the external communication interface adopts standard UART. Users can access the standard LoraWan network through simple configuration through AT commands. It is an excellent choice for IoT applications.

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