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E72-2G4M23S1A Ebyte SMD with PCB Antenna Ultra Low Power Zigbee Module 6Lowpan Wireless RF Transmitter Receivers Module CC2630







[Introduction]:E72-2G4M23S1A is small SMD wireless RF module designed by Chengdu Ebyte, working at 2.402~2.480GHz, with 23dB maximum power and PCB antenna&IPEX interface. It has super low RF & MCU current and low power consumption.

ModuleInterfaceICFrequencyHzPowerdBmDistancekmAir RatebpsPackingSizemmFeatureManualSample
E72-2G4M23S1A I/O CC2630 2.4G 23 1.5 - PCB/IPX 33.5 * 17.5 ultra low power, dual-core ARM
E72-2G4M05S1A I/O CC2630 2.4G 5 0.5 - PCB/IPX 17.5 * 28.7 Ultra low power, dual-core ARM