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E72-2G4M20S1E Ebyte CC2652P 2.4G Low Energy BLE 5.0 Multi-protocol Wireless Communication Module with PCB Antenna


[Frequency]:2.400~2.480 GHz

[Power]:20 dBm

[Distance]:700 m

[Size]:28.7*17.5 mm

[Weight]:1.9±0.1 g

[Introduction]:E72-2G4M20S1E is a multi-protocol 2.4GHz SMD wireless system-on-chip module independently developed by TI based on the CC2652P produced by TI. The transmit power is 20dBm. Integrated ARM microcontroller and high-performance wireless transceiver. Built-in ZigBee3.0 firmware, please check the Link72 page for details.

Main Parameters Min. Max. Remarks
Power supply (V) 0 3.8 Voltage over 3.8V will cause permanent damage to module
Blocking power (dBm) - 10 Chances of burn is slim when modules are used in shortdistance
Operating temperature (℃) -40 +85 Industrial grade
Main Parameters Min. Typ. Max. Remarks
Operating voltage (V) 1.9 3.3 3.8 ≥3.3V ensures output power
Communication level (V) - 3.3 - For 5V TTL, it may be at risk of burning down
Operating temperature (℃) -40 - 85 Industrial design
Operating frequency (MHz) 2400 - 2480 -
TX Current (mA) - 106 - Instantaneous power consumption @20dBm
RX current (mA) - 7.3 - -
Max Tx power (dBm) 19 19.5 20 -
Receiving sensitivity (dBm) - -105 - Bluetooth 125-kbps (LE Coded PHY)
Main parameter Description Remarks
Reference distance 700m Test condition: clear and open area, antenna gain: 5 dBi, antenna height: 2 m, air data rate: 150 kbps
Crystal frequency 48MHz/32.768k High speed 48MHz/low speed 32.768k
Protocol Bluetooth 5 Low Energy
Package SMD -
Interface 1.27mm Stamp hole
RAM 80KB -
Core Arm® Cortex®-M4F -
Size 28.7*17.5mm -
Antenna PCB on-board antenna 50 ohm impedance
Weight 1.9±0.1g -