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Ebyte Wireless RF Module 433 mhz Soc Ti Module 433mhz Long Range Cc1310 Wireless Networking Equipment







[Introduction]:E70-433T30S is wireless UART transceiver module based on the original CC1310 of TI, operating at 431~447MHz, TTL level and 3.3V IO port.The module has the function of data encryption & compression.

ModuleInterfaceICFrequencyHzPowerdBmDistancekmAir RatebpsPackingSizemmFeatureManualSample
E70-400M14S1B UART I/O CC1312R 410M 490M 14 1.5 20~1000k patch 16*26 Hardware SOC module, high-speed continuous transmission
E70-433MT14S UART CC1310 433M 14 1.5 2.5k~168k SMD 10*10 Dual-core ARM, high-speed continuous transmission
E70-900MT14S UART CC1310 861~922.5M 14 1.5 2.5k~168k SMD 10*10 Ultra-small size, high-speed continuous transmission
E70-900T30S UART CC1310 868M 915M 30 6 2.5k~168k SMD 24*38.5 Low power consumption for battery supplied applications
E70-900T14S UART I/O CC1310 868M 915M 14 1.5 2.5k~168k SMD 16*26 High-speed continuous transmission
E70-900M14S1B UART I/O CC1312R 868M/915M 14 1.5 20k~1000k SMD 16 * 26 ARM processor
E70-900T14S2 UART I/O CC1310 868M 915M 14 1.5 2.5k~168k SMD 14 * 20 Dual-core ARM,high-speed continuous transmission
E70-433T30S UART/IO CC1310 433M 30 6.0 2.5k~168k SMD 24*38.5 Continuous transmission, dual core
E70-433T14S2 UART CC1310 433M 14 1.0 2.5k~50k SMD 14*20 Super small size, dual-core ARM
E70-433T14S UART/IO CC1310 433M 14 1.0 2.5k~168k SMD 16*26 Super small size, dual-core ARM
E79-400DM2005S SoC CC1352 433M 20/5 1.5/0.12 - SMD 32*20 -
E79-900DM2005S SoC CC1352P 868M 19/5 1.5/0.12 - SMD 32*20 Dual-band,High-performance ARM