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E70-433MT14S Ultra Small Size Wireless Module UART based on TI's CC1310

[Chip solution]:CC1310

[Carrier frequency]:425~450.5MHz

[Transmission power]:14dBm

[Communication distance]:1.5km

[Air speed]:2.5k~168k

[Product size]:10*10mm

[Product weight]:0.5g±0.1g

[Introduction]:E70-433MT14S is a wireless serial port module (UART) based on TI's CC1310 (built-in dual-core ARM) radio frequency chip, which can work in the 431-446.5 MHz frequency band (default 433MHz), GFSK modulation method, TTL level output,3.3V IO port voltage; this product adopts 24MHz industrial-grade crystal oscillator to ensure its industriality and stability