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E70-400M14S1B CC1312R Hardware SoC Module Stamp Hole/IPEX Antenna

[Chip solution]:CC1312R

[Working frequency band]: 410~490MHz

[Transmission power]:14dBm

[Communication distance]:1.5km

[Product size]:16*26mm

[Product weight]:2.5g±0.1g

[Introduction]:E70-400M14S1B adopts CC1312R RF chip originally imported from Texas Instruments (TI), which integrates single-chip microcomputer and wireless transceiver, and adopts 48MHz industrial-grade high-precision low-temperature drift crystal oscillator to ensure its industrial characteristics and stable performance. The wireless module is a pure hardware SOC module, there is no program in the factory, and the user needs to carry out secondary development before it can be used

E70-400M14S1B CC1312R SoC Wireless Module

E70-400M14S1B ARM Processors, Dual-band 433MHz/470MHz

E70-400M14S1B Support RSSI Signal Strength Reading

E70-400M14S1B Small Size, Easy to integrate

E70-400M14S1B High-quality Industrial Grade Components

E70-400M14S1B Application Scenario