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Ebyte Full duplex Rf module iot transmitter and receiver 2.4G wireless transceiver UART module




[Size]:28.7 * 17.5 mm

[Product weight]:1.2g±0.1g

[Introduction]:E65-2G4T12S is a 2.4GHz radio frequency wireless transceiver serial module product designed and produced by Ebyte. The product has the characteristics of point-to-point, high-speed continuous transmission, full-duplex communication, etc. with frequency hopping algorithm to improve anti-interference ability, and is suitable for complex working environments.

No. Pin Direction Function
1~4 GND - Ground
5 RTS Output Send request, low level valid
6 CTS Input Send permission, low level valid
7 RXD Input TTL serial input, connected to external TXD output pin
8 TXD Output TTL serial output, connected to external RXD input pin
9 DATA Output Sending and receiving data indication pin, low level ( Has data), high level(No data)
10 VCC - 2.5 ~ 3.6V DC, 3.3V recommended
11 GND - Ground
12 NC - Reserved, suspended
13 GND - Ground
14 NC - Reserved, suspended
15 NC - Reserved, suspended
16 NRST Input Reset pin, low level valid
17 LINK Output Connection indicator pin: low level (connected), high level (not connected)
18 Mode Input Mode configuration pin: low level (transparent mode), high level(configuration mode)
19 GND - Ground
20 GND - Ground
21 ANT - Antenna
22 GND - Ground