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Ebyte Full duplex Rf module iot transmitter and receiver 2.4G wireless transceiver UART module




[Size]:28.7 * 17.5 mm

[Product weight]:1.2g±0.1g

[Introduction]:E65-2G4T12S is a 2.4GHz radio frequency wireless transceiver serial module product designed and produced by Ebyte. The product has the characteristics of point-to-point, high-speed continuous transmission, full-duplex communication, etc. with frequency hopping algorithm to improve anti-interference ability, and is suitable for complex working environments.

Main ParametersPerformanceRemarks
Working Voltage (V) output power can be guaranteed if it is more than 3.3V
Communication level(V)-3.3-Risk of burn out when using 5V level
Working temperature (℃)-40-+85Industrial design
Working frequency(MHz)2400-2480ISM frequency band
TX Current(mA)484950Average current, instantaneous current (Max)120mA@3.3V
RX current (mA)474849Average current, instantaneous current (Max)120mA@3.3V
Max TX power (dBm)1111.512-
Receiving sensitivity (dBm)  --95--
UART baudrate (bps)1.2K115.2K3MDefault 115.2Kbps
Distance (m)  800-
TX packet length  Continuous transmissionContinuous transmission does not limit packetlength, pay attention to flow control and specificbaud rate
Communication interface  UART serial portSee pin description for details
PackagingSMDSee dimension description for details
Size (mm)28.7 * 17.5Length * width
RF interface  IPEX/Stamp holeThe equivalent impedance is about 50 Ω