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E62-DTU(433D30) Ebyte 433MHz Modbus 3km RS232 RS485 Wireless Data Transceiver Unit






[Introduction]:E62-DTU-433D30 is a1w wireless data transceiver with point-to-point transmission, operating at 425~450MHz. It features FHSS (Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum) and TDD(Time Division Duplex).

Pin No. Name Function Description
1 DB-9 female connector RS-232 connector Standard RS-232 connector
2 3.81 wiring connector RS-485, power connector Standard RS-485 connector and line-pressing power source connector
3 PWR-LED Power source indicator Red, light on when power on
4 TXD-LED TX indicator Yellow, flicker when transmitting data
5 RXD-LED RX indicator Yellow, flicker when receiving data
6 DC power connector Power source connector Drop-in round hole, 5.5mm external diameter, 2.5mm internal diameter
7 Toggle switch Toggle switch Operation mode control
8 Antenna interface SMA-K connector External screw and inner hole, 10mm long, 50Ω characteristic impedance