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E53-GW(470FMS22R) LoRa spread spectrum technology FMS Gateway Equipment Monitoring System

[Interface type]:RS485

[Working frequency]:470~510MHz

[Over-the-air rate]: 5.4kbps

[Working voltage]: DC 8V~28V

[Size]: 116*105*41mm

[Product weight]:342g±5g

[Introduction]:E53-GW(470FMS22R) is an equipment monitoring system FMS gateway device developed based on LoRa spread spectrum technology. Its strong anti-interference ability makes wireless communication more stable and reliable in industrial sites. At the same time, the equipment monitoring system supports ultra-large network capacity, and the gateway can connect to Enter 1200 nodes. The equipment monitoring system wireless transmission module and gateway are suitable for large-scale IoT application scenarios such as smart homes, smart buildings, security systems, photovoltaics, and logistics.

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