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Ebyte OEM/ODM New best quality 20DBM transmit power ISM 915MHZ Wireless data transmission module





[Introduction]:E49-900T20S is an ultra-high cost-effective wireless module launched by Chengdu Ebyte. It has 4 operating modes. Each transmission mode has its own characteristics and can be applied to various application scenarios.

No. Name Direction Function
1 GND - Module ground wire
2 GND - Module ground wire
3 GND - Module ground wire
4 GND - Module ground wire
5 M0 Input(pull up when it's weak) Cooperate with M1 to determine 4 operating modes of the module(can be lifted floating, the module contains pull-up resistor)
6 M1 Input(pull up when it's weak) Cooperate with M0 to determine 4 operating modes of the module(can be lifted floating, the module contains pull-up resistor)
7 RXD Input TTL serial input, connect to external TXD output pin;
8 TXD Output TTLserial input, connect to external RXD output pin;
9 AUX Output Used to indicate the working status of the module; the user wakes up the external MCU and outputs a low level during the power-on self-test initialization
10 VCC - Module power supply positive reference, voltage range: 3.3V ~ 5.5V DC
11 GND - Module ground wire
12 NC - -
13 GND - Module ground wire
14 NC - -
15 NC - -
16 NC - -
17 NC - -
18 NC - -
19 GND -       Module ground wire
20 GND -       Module ground wire
21 ANT -       antenna
22 GND -       Module ground wire