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E49-900M20S Ebyte Wireless Module 850~930MHz 20dBm 3km Iot Wireless data transmission module







[Feature]:Low power consumption, high cost performance

[Introduction]:E49-900M20S is a cost-effective wireless data transmission module launched by Chengdu Ebyte.It is A pure hardware module based on CMT2300A.E49-900M20S Supports the maximum transmission power of 20dBm, users can set a lower output power,thus saving power consumption.The module works in the 850MHz ~ 930MHz frequency band, including the commonly used 868MHz and 915MHz frequency band.Since this module is a pure RF transceiver module, using SPI interface, needs MCU driver.

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Main ParametersPerformanceRemarks
Power supply(V)2.63.6Voltage over 3.6V will cause permanentdamage to module
Operating temperature(℃)-4085/

Main ParametersPerformanceRemarks
Operating voltage(V) 3.6V may permanently burn the module
Communication level(V)-3.3-Using 5V level has the risk of burning
Operating temperature(℃)-40-+85Industrial design
Operating frequency(MHz)410433510-
TX Current(mA)-85@Transmit power20dBmInstant power consumption
RX current(mA)-8.5--
Sleep current(nA)300300800Software is shut down
Max Tx power(dBm)-20--
Receiving sensitivity(dBm)-116-117-118@Air rate is 1.2kbps

Main parameterDescriptionRemarks
Reference distance2.5kmClear and open, antenna height 2.5 meters, air rate 2.4kbps
Crystal frequency  26MHz-
Packaging methodSMD-
Communication InterfaceSPI-
RF interfaceIPEX/stamp hole  Equivalent impedance is about 50Ω
product weight1.2±0.1gClear and open, antenna height 2.5 meters, air rate 2.4kbps