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Wireless rf 433 GFSK module 470mhz 433mhz long range wireless transceiver module low consumption







[Introduction]:E49- 400T20S is an ultra-high cost-ffective wireless module launched by Chengdu Ebyte. It has 4 operating modes. Each transmission mode has it sown characteristics and can be applied to various application scenarios. E49-400T20S can perfectly support industrial-grade applications, and undergoes rigorous testing at the factory to ensure its industrial reliability and batch consistency.

Main ParametersValueRemarks
Operating voltage(V)
Communication level(V)-3.3-For 5V TTL, it may be at risk of burning down
Operating temperature(℃)-40-85Industrial design
Operating frequency(MHz)410433510Support ISM band
TX Current(mA)-91-Instant power consumption
RX current(mA)-12--
Sleep current(μA)-0.7-Software is shut down
Max Tx power(dBm)--20.0-
Receiving sensitivity(dBm)-116-118-119Air data rate is1.2kbps
Air data rate(bps)1.2k2.4k200kControlled via user’s programming

Main parameterDescriptionRemarks
Distance for reference2.5kmTest condition:clear and open area, antenna gain:5dBi,antenna height:2.5m,air data rate:1.2kbps
FIFO54 ByteMaximum capacity of single transmission
Cache capacity500 Byte-
Communication interfaceUART serial port-
AntennaIPEX/Stamp hole50 ohm impedance